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In an industrial setting, fences have a specific purpose: security. That may just be to guide foot traffic out of a stadium, or it could be part of a high security protection system where the gate itself is the nerve center. In some cases, the fence is a direct result of a city ordinance for aesthetic reasons. Factories also often use them for storage areas within the building.

Other than factories, the industrial side of fencing also serves schools, military bases, auditoriums, and even road construction. Because the function they serve, fences needed at different locations may require different choices in materials.

Go with Security and Elegance in Front of your Building

We specialize in installing high-quality black aluminum fencing for many industrial and commercial settings. These high quality materials have the stately look of wrought iron and lend themselves to high security situations. The matching security gates are often equipped with remote control latches that coordinate with a security system as a whole.

When Being a Good Neighbor Becomes a Priority

If the purpose of your fence is roadside beautification, many styles of wood fences serve to hide the industrial nature of a property. You can get them tall then stain them to earth tones and they look good with landscaping. This is common in many cities that are requiring businesses to improve the curb appeal.

Industrial Fencing That Always Gets the Job Done

If your purpose is not so much looks as it is to cordon off large areas, such as parking lots, yards and temporary security areas, consider using chain link fencing. It offers incredible durability, and is adaptable to many different situations. It is made of galvanized steel that resists even the worst inclement weather conditions. It is one of the few effective ways to secure valuable equipment in a temporary setting such as a construction site. It can be installed on top of the concrete, and can be dismantled without leaving holes or any other trace of the fence behind.

We Are Already Prepared To Install Your Fence

The products we use are already leaders in industrial settings. The fencing materials, as well as the accessories, are well adapted to most situations companies face. We have experienced personnel that will get your fence up, and get out of your way so you can enjoy the new confines of your property.

At Bullard Fence, we build fences that keep businesses and people safe. Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, today at (904) 781-2397 to receive a free quote.



  • Privacy
  • Boundary Marker/Containment
  • Stainable
  • Various Styles & Height Available (Shadowbox, Board on Board or Stockade)

Wood residential fences add a natural and subtle beauty to any home's exterior. Additionally, wooden fences provide an added security and increase your property's value.

Learn more about Residential Wood Fences



    • Simulates look of wrought iron
    • Low Maintenance
    • Rust Free
    • Various Styles, Color & Heights Available

Aluminum fences are ideal if you're looking for a great value and property protection. These fences are designed to replicate the look of wrought iron and are essential maintenance free. All aluminum fences are powder coated to resist corrosion and weathering.



    • Relatively Maintenance Free
    • Fade Resistant
    • Decorative
    • Various Styles, Color & Height Available

Are you looking for a maintenance-free fencing
solution that offers value, aesthetic appeal and dependability?

Then try vinyl residential fences. The applications are endless and they are a popular fencing option for many Jacksonville, Florida, homeowners.


Learn more about Residential Vinyl Fences


Chain Link

    • Economical
    • Boundary Marker/Containment
    • Vinyl Coating Available in Various Colors
    • Various Height Available


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