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Looking to fence your yard in? Worried that regular wooden fencing isn't safe enough, or doesn't match alongside your home? Bullard Fencing in Jacksonville, FL provides vinyl fencing which just might be the perfect solution to your fencing problems. Vinyl fencing not only offers security for your children, pets and belongings, it also adds beauty to your outdoors.


About Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, a sturdy material that is maintenance free other than needing to wash it occasionally. With vinyl fencing, you'll never need to worry about sun damage or splintering wood. Vinyl fencing may cost more than traditional wood fencing at first, but over time you will quickly make up the savings by not having to paint, stain, or sand it ever year.


Vinyl makes a lasting impression when compared to other, more traditional fences. Vinyl fencing is available in a wide array of colors, so you can be sure that you will find a shade that you'll love. After setting up your vinyl fence, it will always look beautiful and pristine amongst the battered and faded forms of your neighbor's wood fence. You will be able to spend more time enjoying the outdoors instead of having to worry about maintaining your fence. Vinyl is always a dependable option, no matter what size or shape of your yard.


Vinyl Fencing is Low Maintenance

In this blistering Jacksonville, Florida, heat, it’s important to spend more time indoors and less washing your fence outside. This low-maintenance fence is also easy to clean. Unlike a wood fence, you really just have to wash it down with a smidge of elbow grease and viola!; your fence looks just the way it did when you put it up. All you really need is a bucket of water, dish soap, a scrubbing pad, (one that is non abrasive) and water hose. This may sound like a lot but it really is low maintenance, especially in comparison to maintaining a fence of a different material. Vinyl fences will not stain, blister, discolor, flake, or peel.

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap today and pick out your new vinyl fence from Bullard Fence in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your new vinyl fencing service..


  • Privacy
  • Boundary Marker/Containment
  • Stainable
  • Various Styles & Height Available (Shadowbox, Board on Board or Stockade)

Wood residential fences add a natural and subtle beauty to any home's exterior. Additionally, wooden fences provide an added security and increase your property's value.

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    • Simulates look of wrought iron
    • Low Maintenance
    • Rust Free
    • Various Styles, Color & Heights Available

Aluminum fences are ideal if you're looking for a great value and property protection. These fences are designed to replicate the look of wrought iron and are essential maintenance free. All aluminum fences are powder coated to resist corrosion and weathering.



    • Relatively Maintenance Free
    • Fade Resistant
    • Decorative
    • Various Styles, Color & Height Available

Are you looking for a maintenance-free fencing
solution that offers value, aesthetic appeal and dependability?

Then try vinyl residential fences. The applications are endless and they are a popular fencing option for many Jacksonville, Florida, homeowners.


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    • Economical
    • Boundary Marker/Containment
    • Vinyl Coating Available in Various Colors
    • Various Height Available


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