About Bullard Fence Inc.

We service residential, commercial, industrial as well as government contracts. We install all types of fence such as chain link, vinyl, aluminum and wood fencing. In addition to fence we also offer estate/entry gates, access control, turnstiles and entry features (signs, walls & columns). We are confident that we can meet your fencing needs and look forward to installing your new fence!


We will not compromise our individual or corporate integrity for any reason. Everyone will be held to the highest ethical standards of honesty and fairness in all business dealings, within our company and with our clients. Every individual pledges to preserve the corporate integrity of Bullard Fence Inc.


Our continued success relies on our ability to attract and motivate leaders of character throughout the organization. If we invest in people who demonstrate integrity and achievement, we will achieve success. Principled leadership and technical competence will never become obsolete.


Teams work. The collective efforts of varied specialist will produce extraordinary results. Remaining true to the team ethic will result in personal achievements beyond one's own capabilities, and the greater good of all involved.


Balanced lives will make for a healthier and consistently productive organization. While hard work and devotion to our profession are desired qualities, all employees are encouraged to balance the priorities of their faith, community and most important of all, remain true to one's self.


Respect builds a work environment that is positive for all regardless of race, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We encourage and embrace the inclusion of diverse perspectives and cultural backgrounds.